Supplier and Ship Via Customization

November 6, 2015 10:48 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a default Ship Via for your Suppliers?

Bird Rock Solutions has developed a customization that will allow you to select a default Ship Via on Supplier Maintenance. When you enter a new PO or utilize PO Suggestions, the default Ship Via will populate.


Open Supplier Entry. You can view a new “Ship Via” Field. We selected FedEx Ground.


Go to Purchase Order Entry. Select or create a new PO. The system automatically changes the Ship Via to FedEx Ground.


If the user utilizes New PO Suggestions when Generate Purchase Orders takes place, the Ship Via will default based on the value in Supplier Maintenance.

If you are interested in this customization for your company, please contact Bird Rock Solutions.


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