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Supplier and Ship Via Customization

November 6, 2015 10:48 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a default Ship Via for your Suppliers? Bird Rock Solutions has developed a customization that will allow you to select a default Ship Via on Supplier Maintenance. When you enter a new PO or utilize PO Suggestions, the default Ship Via will populate. Example Open Supplier Entry. You can view a new “Ship Via” Field. We selected FedEx Ground. Go to Purchase Order Entry. Select or create a new PO. The system automatically changes the Ship Via to FedEx Ground. If the user utilizes New PO Suggestions when Generate Purchase Orders takes... View Article

Auto Generate Supplier ID

May 5, 2015 1:52 pm | Published by | Leave your thoughts

One shortcoming within E9 supplier maintenance is the inability to automatically generate a supplier ID when entering a new supplier. The attached BPM will auto assign the supplier ID when you click on new. This information is pulled from the Company.Number03 field. Whatever value this is currently set at, it will add 1 to that and continue adding up that number as new supplier IDs are added. Below are the steps for importing and using this BPM in any environment. 1. The following link will open a Word document. Follow the instructions and then continue to step #2: AutoGenerateSupplierID 2. In... View Article

Custom Shipping Labels

April 9, 2015 11:40 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Have you ever had issues generating shipping labels when the quantity that you are shipping is an odd number compared to the packages or boxes that you are shipping? Let’s say you have a shipment for 20 pieces of a part. You want to ship these parts in 3 packages. Packages one and two will have a quantity of nine while package three will have a quantity of two. Out of the box, Epicor has no way to handle this. We have developed a custom report that will allow this calculation to take place at the time of shipment. As... View Article

Quick Job Entry Sales Order Link Customization

April 1, 2015 9:56 am | Published by | Leave your thoughts

Does your company have a need to use Quick Job Entry for entering jobs? Do you need to be able to link a sales order to a job so you can track it for shipment, but do not want the sales order to be make direct? Here is a solution that is beneficial if you want an easy way to track the sales order when creating a job. This is a useful feature to have if you want to link particular sales orders to a job without having each release on the sales order set as make direct. 1. Simply click the... View Article